Connecting Ring contacts to LDAP

It is possible for Ring to search contacts in an LDAP directory. At the moment, this is only possible with the Gnome client. This is done by configuring gnome-contacts and evolution to search LDAP for contacts.

Connecting gnome-contacts to LDAP

  1. Open Evolution
  2. From the contacts tab, right click and select New Address Book
  3. Fill the requested information depending on your LDAP configuration. Here is an example:

Connecting to LDAP section:

Field Value
Type On LDAP Servers
name <choose a name>
Autocomplete with this address book checked
server hostname of your LDAP server
port port of your LDAP server
Authentication Method Using distinguished name (DN)
Authentication Username <ldap username>

Using LDAP section:

Field Value
Search base ou=Users,dc=enterprise,dc=net
Search Scope Subtree
Download limit 100
Browse until limit is reached checked
  1. Launch gnome-contacts. You should be asked for your LDAP password and the LDAP contacts will appear.
  2. Launch Ring and your LDAP contacts will be shown.